Update current practices

We are practicing almost completely like we used to again at Museido. Wearing a mouth and nose mask and a face shield in the men is allowed but not required. Visitors are also welcome again. Please do take into consideration the following measures:


  • Don’t attend practice if you have any symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19, such as a cold. In that case, please first get tested at the GGD.
  • We are currently training according to the special shiai rules that have been developed in response to the current situation. You can find these rules explained in this YouTube video. We ask you to watch this video before attending practice.
  • Until at least the end of August we are using a registration list for each practice. There is also a maximum number of participants for each practice. Do you want to attend a practice at our dojo? Please contact one of our members or send us a message via our contact form so we can put you on the registration list. If you have to cancel, please let us know in advance.