Beginners training group 2024

Starting in 2024, we have decided to switch from a set beginners course to a regular beginners group within the normal Museido training. This allows for more flexibility to learn kendo at our dojo during the entire year. This group will kick off on Monday 5th of February.

The beginners training will be given by several sensei. To participate in the beginners group you don’t need any special clothing. Regular sportswear suffices. We practice on bare feet. If you really enjoy kendo, you can get a gi and hakama later on. 

In this training group you will learn:
-kendo warming up
-dojo etiquette
-proper posture
-proper kendo footwork
-basic technique for hitting men, kote and do.
-combination techniques
-equipment care

The first 2 months you are invited to join our beginners training group for free.
The only cost will be €40,- for a shinai (bamboo sword) which Museido will supply. 
If you still enjoy training kendo at our dojo after 2 months, we invite you to become a regular member. That’s €30,- a month for adults, or €15,- for students.

Depending on your drive and progress, you will move on to the regular training group and gradually switch to wearing bogu (armour). With weekly and determined training this stage can be reached after approx. 3-4 months. Bogu can be borrowed from the club at that point, before deciding to continue kendo and purchasing your own bogu.

The beginners training on Monday starts at 20:00 and finishes at 21:00. The regular training continues until 22.00 on both days. You are welcome to observe the advanced group during the last 30 mins. This will give an impression of kendo training at a higher level, when kendoka are sparring.

– Monday, at our Diemen school gym location, Schoolstraat 61. Please ring the hall doorbell and somebody will open the door for you.
– Wednesday, at the Frans Otten stadion in Amsterdam, IJsbaanpad 43. Or dojo trains in the dance hall, which is downstairs to the right. Next to the fencing hall.

If you’re interested in joining our beginners group or have questions about starting kendo, please send an e-mail to our secretary Alexandra Cichecki.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at the dojo!